Ryall’s Water Workout is a market leader in Australasia within the sphere of aqua fitness for deep water rehabilitation and training since 1990.

Ryall’s Water Workout products are superior to opposition products due in no small way to the quality of workmanship and material components. Ryall’s Water Workout products and programs have a diverse use throughout the Australasian community.

Australasian sportspersons have maintained an edge over their competitors, in part, due to their superior rehabilitation and cross training techniques, utilizing the ‘no impact’ and ‘high intensity’ properties of deep water.

Ryall’s Water Workout products and services are also key contributors to the ongoing health and well being of the aging Australasian community.

In the modern era most aquatic fitness centres in Australasia are indoor facilities, allowing the community to exercise in deep water throughout the year, regardless of seasons and unpredictable changes in weather patterns.

  Provide all sections of the ‘global community’, including the ‘able bodied’ and the ‘impaired’ alike, affordable, quality Australian designed and made aqua fitness products and ‘leading edge’ aqua fitness programs for deep water rehabilitation and training.  
Maintain ‘guarantee of service’ to clients;
Majority of aqua fitness centres in ‘Australasia’;

Sports doctors, physiotherapists and insurance companies for NSW workers compensation rehabilitation, including Woolworths and NSW Health;

Elite senior and junior sports persons, (‘able bodied’ and the ‘impaired’), includes 2006 Winter Paralympic skier Cynthia Mitchell, Olympic athletes from Australian Men’s & Women’s basketball, hockey and swimming teams, NSW men’s cricket team, and National Rugby League Clubs, including ‘Sharks’ and ‘Bulldogs’ Clubs, NSW junior women’s softball team;

Australian Defence Force;

General population.
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