Ryall's Water Workout Buoyancy Belts, which are available in seven (7) sizes, were developed for exercising upright, shoulder depth in deep water.

The elite athlete can incorporate a water workout in his/her program, whether it's marathon running, sprinting, race walking, hurdling, martial arts etc.

Athletes are able to enhance their training in the water by using the water's resistance to build strength and check execution in slower motion.

Water accelerates healing by improving circulation to the injured body part so that it does not stiffen, losing motion and strength.

Exercising in deep water maintain / improve fitness and lose body fat.


Rip Aquatic is the exciting and innovative culmination of a two year intensive project. The ambitious aim of the project was to bring together experts in the fields of exercise physiology, sports medicine, aquatic engineering, aquatic exercise, world leading coaches and world class able bodied and disabled athletes to develop deep water training technology that delivers a superior core workout.

The result is the “Rippers”. The most innovative musculoskeletal and cardiovascular workout you’ll ever experience. The “Rippers” deliver a workout that guarantee you optimum training and rehabilitation benefits no matter what your age, level of fitness, sport of choice or whether you’re healthy, injured or have a disability.

The Rippers are made from industrial grade wetsuit material and Velcro. Foam inserts are made from materials only ever found in the best quality lifejackets. The “Rippers” are made durable to last in the aquatic environment.

From a biomechanical perspective the Rippers provide a challenge to the core muscles of the hips, pelvis, and trunk in an unparalleled manner. This type of workout is impossible to achieve in land based exercise techniques. The added benefits of water resistance, zero ground reaction forces and buoyancy ensures that an extremely effective and functional workout can be offered to any client. Specific programs have been developed using the Rippers for speed, strength, power, cardiovascular conditioning, spinal rehabilitation patients, the elderly, children, athletes, chronic pain sufferers, obese, neurological patients and the list is growing as more health and fitness professionals experience the benefits.

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